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    Design and construct benefits

    At Blanco Building, we manage your whole project ourselves, right from design, construct and fit out. What this means is that we are accountable for your entire project.


    We have an award-winning team of professional designers, project managers, estimators, town planning professionals and interior designers through to experienced builders overseeing the work on the ground.


    We can manage the entire process from concept to completion without the need to go anywhere else.  This means only dealing with one company which means less stress for you and more accountability for us.  All of these services are included in the price – it’s all part of the service we offer, so make an appointment today.


    There are so many benefits having a design and construct builder:

    1. Save money:  We take control of the process right from the beginning.  Unlike companies who only design or companies that only build, we do both all under the one roof.  We know how to make efficient design choices that work in the real world and select materials to get you the result you want, saving you thousands of dollars. 
    2. Deal with one company:  We have all the professionals you need under the one roof.  No need to drive all over town or waste time back and forth on the phone or email to dozens of trades and suppliers. Pop in and see us, have a coffee and we are happy to talk to you about any aspect of your design and construct project.
    3. No sneaky budget blowouts:  Our owners are country kids with old-fashioned, honest country values.  We aren’t one of those companies who give you a reduced quote and then hit you for expensive variation after variation.  When we give you a set price for a project, that’s all you pay for the agreed scope of works.  No surprises.  If you need to make changes which involve cost implications, the price is agreed upfront before any extra work is started.
    4. Partnership:  The design and construct process means working together with our clients to exceed your expectations. We build every job like it’s our own and hope relationships with our clients continue long after the build process is completed.  This is why we have many repeat customers.
    5. Experience:  Undertaking a commercial or industrial project can be overwhelming.  We share our learnings from other projects with you and guide you every step of the way through the entire design, construct and fitout process.  Most importantly, our experience means we know how things work in the real world and don’t make unnecessary and costly design choices.  We work hard to reduce costs without compromising on quality.  We want you to get the best possible return on your investment.  A win for you is a win for us.
    6. Change of mind: Having an in-house designer means that the design process is highly adaptive to change. You can continue to make alterations to your plans without having to pay a fortune for each tiny amendment.  Because our builders also work side by side with our designers, it also means not having to go back and forth to see if amendments are practical in the real world.  Come and sit down at any stage with our designer in our office and work together to ensure you get the best possible outcome.  Design services are all part of our costs.
    7. Accountable:  A design and construct approach means we are responsible and accountable for ALL aspects of the project.  We manage the budget, scheduling, trades and any little challenges along the way.  We have a team of professionals skilled in every area of the building industry who all pitch in and work together to create a successful project.
    8. Communication:  One company means less people for you to manage.  With Blanco Building’s design and construct service, you are never left wondering what is going on.  We are open, honest and provide a formal weekly project update.  If there are any issues, we let you know.  Everything is transparent. Of course, we are also available 24/7 for any queries along the way.
    9. Timely builds:  The design and construct service means we are responsible for the scheduling of your project.  We use only the best and most experienced trades who prioritise our projects.  Our project management professionals also ensure seamless timelines, ensuring your project continuously moves forward and is completed as quick as possible.  The quicker you are in your building, the quicker the return on investment.

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